How We Got Started

Hi! I’m Erica! My Aunt Susie makes THE BEST granola.

She tweaked her recipe for over a year until she got the perfect blend of ingredients. On a visit she shared all her granola secrets with me, and I was hooked! I began making granola for family and friends and then began to experiment with different flavor combinations. In the Fall of 2021, with my aunt’s blessing, I created Aunt Susie’s Granola. The Original Granola is her original recipe! My Aunt Susie and I come from a long line of creative bakers. I love sharing my new granola creations with her and she is my favorite test subject and critic. My husband, Robert, has joined in the fun and has taken over the Farmers Market side of our business and often lends a hand with production and automation. Our artisan granola is made in small batches and hand turned to create the perfect blend of ingredients. Over the past year we have added Overnight Oats and Praline Pecans to our lineup of products. We are a proud woman-owned business.